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The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift – May be a Civilized Divorce

Posted by Great Lakes | Feb 14, 2021

Valentine's Day is typically marketed as a holiday which encourages people to express love and affection by giving gifts to others.  The thought of flowers, chocolate and dinner with your spouse may have once brought you the excited feeling of butterflies in your stomach.  Now, that feeling is replaced with apprehension and anxiety.

Divorce is not a decision people enter into lightly.  Many people feel overwhelmed about where to start the divorce process and how the process will play out.  Michigan is a no fault divorce state which means that a specific reason, such as cheating, does not need to be stated in the initial paperwork filed Family Court.  However, behavior and habits throughout the course of the marriage are relevant to other aspects of the divorce process.

For some, first came love, then came marriage, then came the baby in the baby carriage.  Custody and parenting time may also therefore be a factor in your divorce.  Once the divorce process is started, clients can feel as though they are hurrying up to wait; especially when children are involved.  The Family Court system is designed to help families effectively promote a positive new normal for the children.  Preliminary decisions about whether to opt into the Friend of the Court need to be made rather early in the divorce and custody process.  Knowing the benefits and possible detriments of your options is important.  Many of the initial choices you make in the divorce process can have a significant impact on how civilized divorce can be for you.

Civilized divorce is possible and may be the perfect Valentine's Day gift to yourself.  Contact Great Lakes Family Probate & Estates to schedule a divorce consultation with a distinguished family law attorney.

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