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Change and Choices

Life throws us difficult decisions and often times change happens suddenly.

What happens when your loved one needs skilled nursing care?

When your immediate concern becomes long-term care for your family, whether that be at home, in a nursing home or in an assisted living facility, you should seek the advice of an experienced Elder Law attorney.

Long-term care is very expensive and the costs are only increasing. The average monthly cost of a nursing home in Michigan is over $9,000.00. Private care at home can be even more. What many people do not know is that Medicare and private health insurance do not pay for long-term care expenses. At GLFPE, we work with the senior communities and placement companies to help families establish plans to ensure that their loved one receive the care they require.

Long-term care over an extended period of time is not something the average Michigander can afford. Furthermore, most people either do not know about long-term care insurance or simply decide they cannot afford it and hope that they will not need it. The Michigan Medicaid program can help, but Medicaid eligibility is extremely complicated. There are income and asset eligibility requirements. Even simple errors in the application can result in a denial of benefits. This can be devastating to the health and happiness of the applicant, the caregivers, and family members.

Additionally, the Medicaid eligibility rules differ between single and married applicants. Through proper Medicaid planning, you can ensure acceptance into the Medicaid program while preserving as much of the family's limited assets as possible. The attorneys and staff at GLFPE save families from unnecessary spend-downs and stress in the application process. When dealing with Medicaid, legal advice is something you cannot afford to go without.

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