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Contracts and Transactions

Contracts and Transactions

Contracts are the lifeblood of any business. They are legally enforceable documents that define the rights and obligations of the parties that enter into them. The attorneys at GLFPE have advised clients regarding, negotiated, and drafted a wide range of contracts including but not limited to:

Business Contracts and Transactions

            Operating Agreements, Partnership Agreements, and By-Laws

            Supply Agreements

            Property and Equipment Leases

            Custom Services Contracts

            Manufacturing Agreements

            Indemnity Agreements

            Independent Contractor Agreements

            Purchase Orders and Bills of Sale

Security Agreements

Intellectual Property Contracts

            Intellectual Property Licenses

            Intellectual Property Assignments

            Non-compete Agreements

            Non-Solicitation Agreements

            Non-Disclosure Agreements

Purchasing and Selling a Business

            Buy – Sell Agreements

            Subscription Agreements

            Redemption Agreements

            Asset Purchase Agreements

            Stock Purchase Agreement

            Assignments and Licenses

            Mergers and Acquisitions

            Entity Conversions

Employment Contracts

            Offer Letters

            Employment Agreements

            Employee Handbooks

            Non Competes, Non Solicitation, and Non-Disclosure Agreements

Real Estate Contracts

            Purchase Agreements

            Land Contracts


            Promissory Notes

            Leases (Commercial and Residential)

            Licenses and Easements