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Guardianship & Conservatorship

Guardianship & Conservatorship of a Minor

Although parents are legally responsible for their minor children until the children reach adulthood, life can take parents in unanticipated directions. Situations sometimes present themselves which result in a minor requiring a Guardianship. Parents occasionally experience a debilitating injury, fall seriously ill, or unexpectedly pass away. When these types of situations occur, a Guardianship for minor children may be necessary; whether temporarily or permanently.

Guardianship of a Minor addresses the personal and physical well-being of a child. A Guardian is responsible for the child's healthcare, schooling, and living arrangements. The attorneys at Great Lakes Family Probate & Estates guide clients in navigating the Guardianship process after the incapacitation or death of a loved one. GLFPE attorneys assist clients with petitioning the appropriate Probate Court for Guardianship of a Minor.

Conservatorship addresses custody and care of the child's assets when appropriate. The attorneys at GLFPE counsel clients regarding whether a Conservatorship of a Minor is appropriate in their particular circumstance.

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Guardianship & Conservatorship of an Adult

Establishing a Guardianship for an Adult helps to ensure that an incapacitated adult receives proper health care and suitable living conditions. If an individual becomes unable to care for himself or herself due to physical or mental disability, Petitioning the Probate Court for Guardianship may be necessary. Additionally, Conservatorship for an Adult is necessary when an incapacitated adult has assets and/or income which need protection. The attorneys at GLFPE assist clients with Petitioning the Probate Court for Conservatorship and provide guidance to properly establish and manage a conservatorship account.

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