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Commercial Litigation

Commercial Litigation

Businesses generally don't want to be involved in litigation, but the attorney's at Great Lakes Family Probate & Estates understand that sometimes it is necessary. Receiving a summons and complaint in the mail or having a business partner who won't perform under the terms of a contract can be stressful, expensive, time consuming, and distracts the business owner from the most important task: running their business.

The GLFPE litigation practice team has extensive experience with commercial disputes. Our attorneys have tried cases in numerous Federal and State Courts throughout Michigan. We aggressively advocate for our clients' rights and achieve results so you can get back to doing business.

Examples of commercial litigation handled by our office include but are not limited to:

Breach of Contract

Breach of Duty

Business Torts

Construction Cases

Debtor/Creditor Actions

Derivative Actions

Limited Liability Company Membership Disputes

Fraud and Misrepresentation Actions

Tortious Interference

Trade Secrets Lawsuits

Unfair Competition Actions.

In addition to our full range of litigation services, the attorneys at GLFPE are experienced with alternative dispute resolution methods such as mediation and arbitration. Call GLFPE for your free consult today.