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Sunshine brings thoughts of Spring and Succession Planning

Posted by Great Lakes | Mar 08, 2021

The sun is out and the snow is melting!  Michigan is reopening and people are smiling, driving fun cars, and enjoying each other's company.  Spring brings thoughts of new life and longevity.  Many people agree that the best peace of mind comes with knowing our family and friends are happy and healthy.  Although we all want the best for one another, we are reminded that life is precious and circumstances can change rather quickly.

Let's take a minute to go for a drive in your sports car…

You are driving down the road and an unforeseen incident occurs, which requires to you to seek medical treatment.  With a Health Care Power of Attorney, your Patient Advocate can have conversations with your medical providers to ensure that you receive the best care possible in a timely fashion.  A HIPAA Authorization will ensure that confidential medical information is only disclosed to individuals you have chosen.  A General Durable Power of Attorney will permit your Attorney-in-Fact to transact business on your behalf, including paying your bills and managing your household while you are unable.  Your Patient Advocate and Attorney-in-Fact will have the authority to ensure your health needs and legal and financial affairs are attended to while you are unable to act on your own behalf.

Great News!  You get out of the hospital and live a long and happy life, thrilled that your patient advocate and attorney-in-fact were so helpful when you needed them.

Many years later…You pass away peacefully with loved ones nearby.

You have lived a great life, with many happy memories.  Everyone talks about that one time when they were with you and… can't help but smile.     Your loved ones are rest assured your wishes are being carried out because you followed invaluable advice to have an experienced attorney write a Last Will and Testament and Trust for you.

Your Last Will and Testament properly names a Personal Representative to gather your property.  Your Last Will and Testament also provides specific instructions about how your property is to be distributed to the listed individuals and/or charities.

The terms of your Trust provide guidance about how to distribute your assets held in trust.  The Trust properly names a Trustee to manage the property and provides instructions about which individuals and charities will receive a share of your estate, and how that distribution is to take place.

Although a perfect sunny day can take an unexpected turn, you do not need to feel overwhelmed or discouraged.  With a proper estate plan in place, you and your family can breathe easy.  Contact Great Lakes Family Probate & Estates at 1-888-554-5373, [email protected] to schedule an Estate Planning consultation.

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