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Snowy Days and thoughts of Long Term Care

Posted by Great Lakes | Feb 20, 2021

Snowy days encourage many of us to be thankful for warmth and safety.  Vulnerable populations, including elderly individuals, are particularly at risk of being unable to adequately care for themselves.  Although children and friends help elderly people out as much as possible, life is busy.

Long term care planning is often put on the back burner.  Many people feel ambivalent about aging; they are excited about freedom in their hectic schedule and simultaneously concerned about potential health obstacles.  During long term care consultations, one common concern our clients have is “will I have enough money to live well?”  Another common concern is “will I end up in a nice facility if my health begins to fail and I am unable to remain in my home?”

Maintaining independence as long as possible is most people's preference.  Effectively strategizing to stretch money is very important to accomplish this goal.  Great Lakes Family Probate & Estates assists clients to coordinate exceptional health care and maximum financial security.  We work with clients, financial planners, and banking institutions to devise and implement a plan specifically tailored to our clients' objectives.  We work with financial planners and banking institutions to help clients consolidate debt, properly manage their bank accounts, and implement special irrevocable trusts which the government allows as a Medicaid planning tool.  Additionally, we assist clients to purchase a suitable and accessible dwelling, pre-planned funeral, as well as burial plots for eligible immediate family members.

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