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Settlement of Flint Water Cases and Special Needs Children

Posted by Great Lakes | Mar 29, 2021

Registration to participate in the civil settlement In re Flint Water Cases with the state of Michigan, McLaren hospitals and Rowe Professional Services Co. closes on Monday, March 29th. The settlement's major focus is on the individuals that were most impacted by the lead poisoning – young children. Parents claim the lead in the water either exacerbated their children's disabilities or created them. Appropriately, this partial settlement specifically includes $9 Million for Special Education Programs.

Special Needs is a broad term for a wide array of diagnoses. Special needs children may have developmental delays, medical conditions, psychiatric conditions or congenital conditions. Children with special needs require particular accommodations so that they can reach their full potential. Depending upon the age of the individual with special needs, family members and caregivers have several options to provide him or her with the best quality of life possible.

Children with special needs are protected under federal and state laws. What becomes difficult for parents in Flint and elsewhere is understanding the nuances of Medicaid benefits and programs available through the local school districts. As children age into young adults, finding assistance with securing and maintaining appropriate housing, medical care, and financial security often requires legal advice. It usually begins around the child's 18th birthday with either filing a petition for guardianship or preparing health care powers of attorney. Most parents also establish special needs trusts as part of their own estate plans. If the individual is able to work, legal advice should be sought regarding social security and maximizing the ability to save earnings through establishing an OBRA Special Needs Trust or funding an ABLE Account. Finally, some parents establish LLCs to hold real estate for their children to live independently or semi-independently.

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