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Client Testimonials

"An absolute find!"

I hired Atty. Browning to terminate a conservatorship re my parent's estate after I relocated my parent to my home in another state. The conservatorship was needed after my parent had suffered a stroke, however, had dragged on long after a relocated her- almost six years to be exact. During this period, I dealt with and hired several attorneys, none of whom seemed interested in my parent's best interest, nor in preserving the estate. Atty.Browning is the one exception. She brought the issue to a swift closing. From our first conversation, she was inquisitive, direct, and informative... and I felt relieved that my case and trust were now in the right hands. Best of all, I felt that Atty. Browning never lost sight of the fact that she was representing me and my parent's best interests. My advice to anyone would be to hire Atty. Browning. One conversation with her and you will agree with me that she is one of the most dedicated attorneys in her field.

– Kayser P.